My fundamental belief is that creative 'success' or development (really any success and development) is not about technique, innate talent, tricks or knowledge. It is about application, action and experiential execution of those skills.


You can know everything about your field, but if you are blocked and holding back, you simply will not create at your full potential. In other words, most artists today "Know what to do, but they do not DO what they know."


It is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.


Knowledge is not enough. I think you already know that. Knowledge is like a giant reservoir of potential, the right mindset is what will open the dam walls and give you access to that liberated potential. Therefore, more information is not the answer and not your friend. Learning to tap into what is already there is what will help realise your creative potential.


The #1 thing that holds any artist back is themselves. This workshop puts you back in the the drivers seat of your creative practice and directs you straight towards your ultimate creative vision for yourself.


If you have further questions, please feel free to email me on or call on 0487 413 125.


Big love,

Mijo Biscan