Video 1 - How to be more productive with my art.

Art Into Action On-Line Course

Course Notes and Instructions

All you need is a notebook and a pen.

We'll go through this 5 step process to:

  • Get clarity on your art practice.

  • Identify a project to work on.

  • Find the motivation to support the vision.

  • Find out what's holding you back.

  • Create a strategy.

  • Come up with a specific action to get you moving.

  • Learn a simple technique to focus on action.

  • Introduction to Creativity Mindset Concepts.

Video 2 - Find direction with my art.

Video 3 - Motivation for artists.

Video 4 - What's holding me back with my art?

Video 5 - How to take action with my art.

Video 6 - How to take action with my art so that I cannot fail!

Video 7 - How my mindset is 90% of my creative success.

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