A two-day workshop to master your artist mindset and supercharge your creative practice.

For artists, musicians, writers, illustrators, film makers and creatives of all kinds.



In my ideal creative practice, I would love to:

  • Have the time and space to work on creative projects I wish I had more time for.

  • Enjoy more creative flow and freedom.

  • Achieve my creative goals sooner and with more ease.

  • Be more prolific / productive as an artist.

  • Feel confident in starting AND finishing creative projects.


I know... life's busy. We can get caught up in distraction, overwhelm, avoidance or feeling like there's not enough time. There are answers. Let's get you some clarity, inspiration & momentum.

​Here's how we do it in 5 easy steps in this...

2-day live workshop

  1. Create the time and space in your life for your art so that you can connect with your creativity and work on those creative projects you've been dreaming of.

  2. Learn the habits and routines of successful artists to help keep you motivated, inspired and always consistent with your creative work.

  3. Dissolve creative blocks so you can tap into the blissful state of creativity that got you started with your art in the first place.

  4. Develop a crystal clear vision, plan and overall strategy for your art so you can work on the right things with confidence and progress quickly.

  5. Tap into your deeper purpose for being an artist so that you can become an unstoppable artist with a sense of certainty about your creative mission.


  • Develop reliable creative habits that make creativity inevitable.

  • Grow your confidence as an artist and individual.

  • Learn 12 ways to master your inner critic and maintain creative flow.

  • Learn a proven system to develop quickly as an artist.

  • Become more fearless in your creativity and in getting to the next level of your career.

day 1: inner world

We explore your Creativity Mindset Blue-Print, elevate through limiting beliefs, uncover  and dissolve creative blocks, tap into your deeper purpose and true confidence as an artist.

day 2: outer world

The nuts and bolts. Practical and powerful goal setting designed for creatives, fear smashing, inner-critic mastery, create a clear and practical 6 month plan, with action steps to stay on track.

You'll leave this workshop as a transformed artist with a solid foundation for your creative future.

about mijo

Pr: Mi-yo

Mijo is a practising singer-songwriter from Melbourne.


Mijo has toured to the many corners of the globe with Gotye, Missy Higgins, Clare Bowditch and Tommy Emmanuel among others.

As a band member of Lamplight and as a solo artist, Mijo has released 2 EP's, 2 albums and is set to release his next album soon.

He is also the founder of Creativity Mindset Mastery, the live workshop and online training that helps artists of all stripes and levels of experience to harness their full artistic potential, so that they can get to making their best work ever.




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