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Free online masterclass for artists

In this FREE MASTERCLASS, you'll learn:

  • The little-known way of accessing your Creative Subconscious that only great artists know and use to make their best work.

  • How to get a direct line to your Creative Genius and why you don't need to wait for inspiration to make art.

  • How to get the Time, Money and Confidence you need to overcome the confusion and overwhelm of being an artist.

Get more time for your art

USA: 23 Sept, 7pm Eastern - 4pm Pacific.
MELBOURNE: 24 Sept, 9am.

When you register today:

You'll also receive a free "prolific artist" 5-part video course.

Valued at $97!


In this free masterclass, singer/songwriter/visual artist, Mijo Biscan will show you a proven formula he used to go from struggling as an artist for years to creating 250+ artworks in just a few months.
He built an entire system based on an ancient Buddhist teaching. He has now shared this with 1000+ artists throughout the world who are now getting the creative results they've been seeking.

If you want a step-by-step system and a simple process you can use to dissolve creative blocks, create more art and live the artistic life you’ve always dreamed of, you'll want to attend this presentation live.

It’s very rare that an established artist shows and shares with you his whole creative processes and secrets live, so you don’t want to miss this lifetime opportunity!

Strictly Only 100 Seats Available  - REGISTER NOW to ensure access - Once seats are gone, the registration process will be closed.


Mijo Biscan
Melbourne based singer-songwriter, has been playing music professionally for 20 years and made a living from his art. Once a struggling musician, Mijo developed and applied his Creativity Mindset system to transform as an artist.

Mijo has toured Europe with Multi Grammy Award winner GOTYE, Clare Bowditch, Tommy Emmanuel and Missy Higgins. He has released 4 full length albums, 3 EP's and toured Australia and Europe with his band "Lamplight".

Mijo continues to create daily and is the founder of Creativity Mindset Mastery where he helps artists of all kinds to reach their own full creative potential.



Free online masterclass for artists

USA EDT: 7pm, Wed 23 Sep
USA PDT: 4pm, Wed 23 Sep

MELBOURNE: 9am, Thu 24 Sep

This is a LIVE masterclass where Mijo will share with you his biggest secrets to becoming prolific.

If you want to be more prolific and make your best work ever, here's your chance to learn how.

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