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Inspired Artist Masterclass Program - $1997

5 in-depth modules to uncover and dissolve creative blocks, gain clarity and your ARTIST vision, establish prolific creative habits, build your Artist Identity and craft a Master Plan for your creative success.

Audio recordings of each lesson to listen in the car or when going for walks as well as workbooks for each module.

Bonus 1

Time, Confidence, Creative Flow Course Bundle - $997

More Time For My Art

•Get 10 to 20 freed up hours a week for your art and what you love.

•Get a clear and effective action plan for a creative project.

•How to move from unclear and unsure to motivated and inspired.

Instant Creative Flow Formula 

•Learn my best tools to enter your deepest creative flow state in 60 seconds or less.

•Enjoy the ease of tapping into that blissful creative state.

•Learn the KEY SKILL as a creator that no-one ever taught you.

Confident & Creative

•Overcome imposter syndrome.

•Learn to approach the canvas within the “Creator” archetype.

•Feel confident in all social and performance situations.


Bonus 2

Total Artist Growth Support Package - $3822


•Get 24 group coaching calls over the next 12 months.

•Ask any questions on course content or your art practice.

•Normally $97 per session. 24 sessions included.

IAM Replays For 12 Months - $497

•Never miss a session. Get the full value of your investment.

•Workbooks, exercises, notebooks, templates, links.

•Ask your questions and have them answered.

IAM Lesson Vault - $997

•Future proofing your practice in the digital age

•Productivity tips for artists

•Laws of the mind deep dive


VIP Pass - $1997

•VIP Priority access.

You’ll automatically be upgraded to new additions to IAM and be upgraded to new versions and revisions. No need to ‘buy in’ again. Ever.

Bonus 4

Private IAM Facebook Community - $497

•Expand your creative network

•Find high-level collaborators

•Get questions answered quickly


1 On 1 With Mijo x3 - $1497 - FIRST 5 PEOPLE ONLY.

Get professional guidance, specifically for you and where you are at. Tailored to meet your needs and accelerate you to your best.

All the breakthroughs you need are in these incredible sessions.




Normally $1997

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register now

single pay full access

One payment of $997USD to get full access.

Includes 3 x 1 on 1 Sessions with Mijo Valued at $1497

payment plan

One instalment of $197 gets you full access.

Then 5 monthly payments of $197.

Total investment of $1182USD.



Venetia - Writer / Theatre Director

Just when I thought my creative practice was dead and buried, I discovered Mijo Biscan who awakened me from my coma with his energy, commitment and seemingly magical transformational tools. I'm ready to honor this process by dusting off the cobwebs and re-engaging with my writing practice.

Aidan - Performance Artist

Even in the first session I had started to gain more confidence and hope in my practice, but by the end I was set on a more solid path towards being more happily creative. You can't really convince someone how good something is unless they are open to it and curious about it in the first place; but if you are that person and like me, want to achieve more with your creative practice and feel empowered to do what makes you happy, then I suggest you make an enquiry and give it a go. Plus, Mijo is just a great person to talk to and it's clear how passionate and driven he is to helping other creatives succeed. 

Bernadette - Visual Artist

We are all travellers on The Journey to Self Discovery and in our travels we can find ourselves wandering aimlessly through what appears to be an endless desert. Without support or direction and thirsty for life saving water, we can lose sight of our goal. Mijo Biscan’s Creativity Mindset Mastery Sessions were, to me, an oasis in the desert where it was possible to quench my thirst and collect vital tools to ensure I would find all that I need to sustain me as I continue on The Journey. His delivery at each session was articulate yet fun, but more than that, each one was an opportunity to look within and discover those old patterns of thought which, if left unchecked, can sabotage our belief in our potential to Create. 
So, Artists, load up your camels and head straight to Mijo’s next workshop, where you can drink your fill and carry on with the golden nuggets of knowledge he provides.

Nerea - Jewellery Artist

Mijo is infectiously enthusiastic and makes the sometimes daunting thought of organising and achieving creative goals straightforward and doable. As an artist himself, his advice is practical and professional but still nurturing to us sensitive creative types. On top of all that, his classes are fun! His kind, generous spirit and encouragement will have you raising your hand for a high-five. 

Angelique - Visual Artist

From doing Mijo's 5 week course, I learnt new techniques and practices to improve my art, which has benefited me a GREAT deal. He delivers clear and precise information making it fun at the same time, whilst engaging with his students. I met some really nice people also sharing our thoughts and experiences. I would re-watch Mijo's sessions and take notes, as they were VERY informative and relevant. We can all relate to what he is teaching us and he has inspired me to be BETTER at my art practice through my daily tasks, vision and guidance and he has inspired me to follow my passion.
THANK YOU so much again Mijo for all of your hard work and patience in helping us out!

Kylie - Photographer

I got referred to Mijo and Creativity Mindset Mastery via a friend. I have never done anything like this in my life but at the time I was in a creative slump and felt I could do more so I signed up. Mijo was fantastic so open with his story as a musician/artist and also very kind and generous to share his knowledge on how he succeeded in his business. 

I would highly recommend Mijo to any creative who needs help in their creative endeavours. I learnt so much during the 5 weeks with Mijo and it has helped me as a person and also as an artist in my business.

Thanks Mijo!

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final note from Mijo

Hi there awesome artist,

I hope you got great value from the masterclass. It was just the beginning!

Before you is an offer that will support you in reaching your full creative potential as an artist. I sincerely hope that you see the value it will bring to your one precious and beautiful life. I look forward to supporting you on your artists journey.

Note: Any purchases made once the timer on this page hits zero will not be validated. It will be counted towards the full $1997 price of the Inspired Artist Masterclass Program and unfortunately cannot include all the bonuses offered on the webinar!

Act fast to get full access now. Back yourself. Invest in your creative future and the foundational, life-long skills that will ensure that you become prolific, successful and live the life you've always wanted to live as an artist.

It's right here in front of you. All you need to do is reach out and take it.

If not now, when?

I can't wait to see you in the program and to work with you soon!


Remember, your art matters. So, go and create!


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