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Inspired Artist Masterclass Course - $1997

5 in--depth modules to uncover and dissolve creative blocks, gain clarity and your ARTIST vision, establish prolific creative habits, build your Artist Identity and craft a Master Plan for your creative success.

Audio recordings of each lesson to listen in the car or when going for walks as well as workbooks for each module.

Bonus 1

Inspired Artist Masterclass Prolific Artist Book Package - $97

PROLIFIC ARTIST eBook and audio book
WHY YOUR ART MATTERS eBook and audio book

Bonus 2

More Time For My Art - $197

•Get 10 to 20 freed up hours a week for your art and what you love.

•Get a clear and effective action plan for a creative project.

•How to move from unclear and unsure to motivated and inspired.

Bonus 3

Instant Creative Flow Formula - $197

•Learn my best tools to enter your deepest creative flow state in 60 seconds or less.

•Enjoy the ease of tapping into that blissful creative state.

•Learn the KEY SKILL you need as a creator that no-one ever taught you.

Bonus 4

Confident & Creative - $197

•Overcome imposter syndrome.

•Learn to approach the canvas within the “Creator” archetype.

•Feel confident in all social and performance situations.

Bonus 5

VIP Pass - $1997

•VIP Priority access and discounts to new events and programs for artists.

•Discount on workshops and future retreats.

•Automatic upgrade to new content and versions of IAM Online for life.

Bonus 6

Inspired Artist Masterclasses - $2328

•Get 24 group coaching calls over the next 12 months.

•Ask any questions on course content or your art practice.

•Normally $97 per session. 24 sessions included.

Bonus 7

IAM Replays For 12 Months - $497

•Never miss a session. Get the full value of your investment.

•Workbooks, exercises, notebooks, templates, links.

•Ask your questions and have them answered.

Bonus 8

IAM Lesson Vault - $997

•Future proofing your practice in the digital age

•Productivity tips for artists

•Laws of the mind deep dive

Bonus 9

Private IAM Facebook Community

•Expand your creative network

•Find high-level collaborators

•Get questions answered quickly

Bonus 10

1 On 1 With Mijo x3 - $1497 - FIRST 5 PEOPLE ONLY

Get professional guidance, specifically for you and where you are at. Completely tailored to meet your needs and accelerate you to your best.

Normally $1997



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single pay full access

One payment of $997USD to get full access.

payment plan

One instalment of $197 gets you full access.

Then 5 monthly payments of $197.

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