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For artists, musicians, creative businesses and all creative types.


The trees in Melbourne are gathering their energy, and making plans for a beautiful spring.


They are preparing now for what’s to come…


Shouldn’t you be thinking about that too? Is it time yet?


I think it’s the perfect time.


We are now half way through this year. It’s a good time to reflect.


Did I get everything that I wanted to get done so far this year?


Is it time to regroup and get back on track?


How do I get refocused on what is important to get the most out of this year?


Yes, half of the year is gone and you want to finish the year stronger than you started it.


I see this as a half way pit stop to recharge, refocus and get back on track with my dreams.


If you have been going strong already, then this will give you the extra tail wind you need to finish with even more momentum.


Build your energy now to launch out in spring with energy and a strong foundation.


I have designed this series of online group coaching sessions so that the last session is one week before the first day of spring, so that you will be ready to spring open when the time comes.


You will be able to come out of the gates with energy to finish the year with momentum.





Starting Tuesday 28th July.

Here are just a few things I’ll be covering:


  • How to create an inspiring vision that pulls you towards it.

  • How to overcome any of the challenges that are currently holding you back.

  • How to create a flexible system to follow each week that keeps you on track.

  • How to be more productive in your art or business with LESS effort.

  • How to create balance with work, life, love, family and self.

  • So much more…


Did I mention it’s free to do? You have nothing to lose by signing up.


Perhaps give it a try and see if it’s a fit for you. You can opt-out at any point.


It’s a worthy investment of 30-60mins each week to focus quality time on your art or business.


This is how it happens:

  • We’ll do 5x weekly online hangouts.

  • You will have access to the replays of each session if you can’t make the live session.

  • Live Q & A session so I can help you directly.

  • Worksheets for each session.


All you need to do is register below to get this $500 gift.

Spring is coming whether you are ready or not!


So, let’s get ready for a beautiful spring.



Starting Tuesday 28th July.

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