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Men are scaredy cats, that’s why women will rule the world.

Creative women, I applaud you! Creative men, you’ve got work to do…

Why would I say such a thing? Well, there are a couple of reasons…

I have been running these free courses, weekend courses and coaching people in their creativity this year. It has become increasingly obvious who the demographic for my work is.


It is 80%-90% women. WHY!?

People who sign up to my email list 90% women.

My free evening workshops, at least 70%-80% women.

My weekend courses around 80% women.

My coaching creatives, 70% women.

The same is for the Big Hearted Business conference that I went to earlier this year. It is a conference for creatives to learn skills about running a creative career. Out of 500 participants there were less than 10 men. That is staggering and honestly, disappointing.

I have been trying to work this out. One theory I had was that I was really super-hot and they were attracted to me and not just the courses. Um… I don’t think so.

I thought maybe it was because I habitually sign off on my emails with ‘xo’ and it might turn men off. Hmm.. hope not.

Maybe it was the language I use on my website.

Or maybe the colour of my website and marketing material.

Those things might explain a little bit, but not such a huge disparity in gender interest.

So, here’s my theory and my challenge to the creative men out there.

Men don’t like to be told what to do

Do you know a guy who refuses to go to the doctor even though he’s 94% corpse? This is the typical scenario right? Our culture has told men that they need to always ‘be right’ or ‘pretend to be alright’. There’s a lot of masculine ego jargon that gets thrown at us.

The thing is, the longer we are held captive to these expectations we miss out on SO MUCH. It prevents us from genuine relationships with women and even with our male friends. The main reason I bring it up is because we miss out on so much potential learning and growth as artists.

A guy might be ok to have a 1 on 1 lesson with someone, but be a little daunted of learning in a group situation. All I can say is, if you think that might be you, it’s time to get over it and be open to new ways of learning.

Men are scaredy cats

Our stereotypical vision of the true masculine is strength, courage, power. Yet, when it comes to being open to a workshop or conference, men hide away as if an atom bomb is about to go off. Meanwhile women come out as if spring has just sprung and an opportunity for growth is a blessing always. I believe real men are open and brave and willing to be vulnerable in order to progress their art.

They already know everything

You can be right all the time, or you can be open to learning something new that improves your life. Pick one. Being able to admit you don’t know everything and that someone else might have some useful information for you is vital for growth. When you believe you know it all, you are missing mountains of great opportunities to learn. And the fact is, if you knew how to do it all, your results would clearly show it to the world. If you are not getting the results you want, then there’s something you don’t know yet. It’s time to open up and find out what it might be. Everyone, not just men, need to be spending about 10% of their income on personal growth each year. There is no better investment than in yourself.

That’s why women are going to rule the world again soon.

And good on them.

I want to praise the women that have come to my events. Hi-fricken-five!

I believe that women love these events and ways of learning because they are more communal, open to discussion, open to being wrong and learning something new. They are openly seeking growth and have the natural willingness to share that learning with others. I love creating spaces for this to happen.

To the men that come to my events. Full respect brothers. The guys that I have worked with have been truly great, open, intelligent dudes that are just ready to rock it to the next level.

Here’s my challenge to the men.

Drop your past masculine ego about learning something from someone. To learn from someone else or to ask for help doesn’t mean you are a weak loser, it means you want to learn and be better. That is admirable and shows more strength than skulking away from that opportunity.

Take an action today that will move you towards improving your creative life.

Sign-up and commit to coming to one of my free introductory evenings.

It’s free, it’s easy and my hot tip, there are always lots of awesome and gorgeous creative women there.

I'd love your comments and thoughts below. What do you think?

Also, please share it with some other men on facebook.

Peace out creatives.

Remember, your ART matters, so GO and create!


(Men, don’t be offended by my kiss/hug sign-off, ok?

You can take it as a hi-five/bro-hug (HFBH))

Mijo Biscan
If you'd like to register for my next upcoming FREE Creativity Mindset Mastery Introductory Evening, please go HERE.
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