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Irresponsible, arrogant and damaging comments kill creativity.

In this video I share a story about an interview I heard recently where an artist came down very hard on any other artist who didn't totally have their shit together.

I think their comments were extremely dangerous and could squash the potential of any artist who is still finding their feet or still growing in confidence.

This is one reason that crystal clarity of your creative vision can help to overcome these attacks.

In this video I share a story from the beach about how to get a sense of certainty about your art to give you the drive to get up and into it the next time the urge passes through you.

Tell me, when was a moment you were certain and how did that move you into action. What about the idea that 'If I was meant to do it, it should be easy'. I'd love to hear from you. Hi-fives!

If you want to be a more PROLIFIC ARTIST, feel free to grab your GIFT copy of the book below. It holds the 7 keys to a prolific art practice. It's a good little read to get you pumped about your art.

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  • See the results of great artists in your own art practice by implementing their key habits.

  • Have more time and space to work on the creative projects you've been dreaming of.

  • Get moving, go from hobby-artist to enjoying a sustainable career. (Livin' the dream!)

  • Discover the 7 keys to an active, fulfilling, creative career as an artist of any kind.

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