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How to make the 3 BIG DECISIONS for your art.

Decisions create our destiny. One good decision can land you in the right studio, working with the right people or the perfect gig you've been after.

One bad decision can cost you hours, days and weeks of creative time. A bad decision can also be packed with useful information that tells you 'You are on the wrong track' 'You need to prepare more next time'.

The worst thing of all is to make NO DECISION. This is what keeps you and others stuck where they are.

Indecision is tantamount to creative paralysis.

In this video I'll share with you some new ways to approach decisions and how to make decisions that keep you moving forward so that you inevitably taste the creative success you are seeking.

Make one great decision right now... get the PROLIFIC ARTIST handbook. It's free at the moment.

If you want to become a more effortlessly prolific artist without all the struggle, download your complimentary copy of PROLIFIC ARTIST below and I'll send it straight to your in-box.

Please share your thoughts. Scroll down and leave me a comment. What is a decision you want to make today about your art practice? And what action are you going to take to move forward? I'd love to hear from you.

Mijo Biscan

“I help artists of all types reach their full creative potential through blogs, online courses, workshops and mentoring.”

Contact me any time with any questions.


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  • See the results of great artists in your own art practice by implementing their key habits.

  • Have more time and space to work on the creative projects you've been dreaming of.

  • Get moving, go from hobby-artist to enjoying a sustainable career. (Livin' the dream!)

  • Discover the 7 keys to an active, fulfilling, creative career as an artist of any kind.

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