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How to be a more creative and productive artist - Pt 3 - Daily Practice

Would you like to get your creative days off to the best possible start? Yesssssss. Me too. I used to suck at mornings, until I realised that the first hour of the day foreshadows just how awesome the rest of your day will likely turn out. To get good creative work done, it’s no longer a good option to have a rudderless morning on the rocky seas, just blowin’ around whenever life pushes you. To help you get on track, I’ll share with you the steps I take that help me. As I’ve mentioned, it’s aaaall in the daily practice. I’ll briefly lay it out here for you:

  1. Exercise

  2. Journal

  3. Goal review process

  4. Daily planner

  5. Email mentor with my daily key outcomes

I’ve done this practice for the last 5 years. It has helped me become clear, stay connected to creative goals and ensure I stay on track and get my best creative work done. Watch the video to learn how to implement this habit into your creative life.

[Download your daily practice card template]

Please share any feedback or your own tools to make sure you are ready for a productive creative day.

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