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How to get unstuck and finish your creative projects.

Do you ever get stuck on creative projects?

You are not alone. ;)

All artists know that at times we avoid doing ‘the work’.

This leads to a stack of projects that sit in the corner, in our notebooks or a random file on our computers.

We want our work to get finished and see the light of day.

To short-circuit the avoidance or ‘stuckiness’, there’s a mindset shift that can pick you up and remind you of the bigger picture.

I call this “High Intention Vs Low Attachment”.

To break it down simply, to make great work (I’m assuming we want to make our best work) we must maintain high intentions or high standards.

This can at times lead to overwhelm or self doubt and eventually avoidance. We don't like that.

How to avoid avoidance:

This is where the practice of low attachment is important.

In the pursuit of our high intention we must trust that the work we are doing is important and has a purpose.

This allows us to detach from the superficial outcome of the work and allows us to connect with the noble reasons for completing our work.

That’s how we get unstuck, avoid avoidance and make our best work.

I go into way more detail in this weeks video.

Please share any feedback or your own tools to make sure you are ready for a productive creative day.

To become an unstoppable and prolific artist,


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