Your Art Matters...

The world needs your ART now, more than ever before!

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything”  - Vincent van Gogh

We live in a world where we have enough politicians, engineers, scientists and stock brokers to drive humanity into a great steaming black hole. The measure and values of our societies have become a series of metrics, statistics and GDP projections. Things are way out of balance.


We need more people exploring the inner workings and desires of our humanity. We need more people connecting deeply with their own humanity and then spreading that work for the benefit of others to engage in.


We need less tabloid headlines and more poems, we need less people chained to desks and more people dancing in their living rooms, we need less analysis of the human psyche and more expressions if it!


I believe your work is important and vital in this mission. The aim of this workshop is to have you deeply believe that too.


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