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Hey there fellow artist, musician, creative legend. I wanted to offer you this book because for a long time I struggled with my song writing and art practice.

It sucked, as I'm sure you might know from personal experience.

I went from a struggling, lazy, procrastinator to the most prolific I had ever been by implementing everything I have laid out for you in 'PROLIFIC ARTIST' and now in my full length book called


The 7 most important ways your art helps the world

and why you need to do more of it.'


Creative freedom is up for the taking if you really want it.


Your art matters, so go and create!

No Worries. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Does YOUR art really matter!? YES IT DOES!


Does it? Really? Wow, you don’t hear that very often. When it comes to dinner party’s or Christmas time conversations with family these questions invariably pop up, ‘So, what do you do?’ or ‘Are you still painting / playing music / (enter your given creative pursuit here)?’

They are weird questions and artists for the most part don't have a very good answer. They just get a bit awkward and don’t know how to articulately answer them. They are weird question no doubt and they are imbued with an entire belief system that challenges the one you hold dear, which is:

Art really does matter!

I feel it so strongly, yet I can’t quite articulate it, but I know that art is vital to human beings and most of all, it matters to me. It brings me joy, connection, peace, etc.



You must be your first convert.


This book is not a series of comeback lines to convince some other person that art is important. It is a series of short chapters to convince YOU that YOUR art is important.

When it comes to having a supportive creativity mindset, this is the first port of call. You’ll never convince anyone else of this conviction until you yourself have a deeper conscious understanding of the importance of your art and why it matters.

Yes, you must be your first convert.

Here's a short video about WHY YOUR ART MATTERS!

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How the book has helped other artists like you!


No Worries. The Book Comes With A

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



30 Day Money Back. Zero questions asked money back policy. If for any reason you are not happy with the e-book, you send us an email and we send you your money. It's that simple.

What's in the book?


Chapter 1: Art makes your soul grow.


Chapter 2: The right brain blessing.


Chapter 3: We are all born artists.


Chapter 4: Art is the great healer.


Chapter 5: There is nothing else like it on earth.


Chapter 6: Deep in purpose, high in happiness.


Chapter 7 - Save humanity.


These 7 chapters take you on a journey from thinking your art might matter to fully embracing your role as a fearless artist!

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