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Artists, musicians and creatives of all kinds:


If you want to enjoy more time & space in your life to do the creative projects you've been dreaming of, but you've struggled to begin the creative habits that help you to tap into deeper levels of creative flow or establish a consistent practice to bring out the artist you know you truly are deep down inside, welcome.

Here you'll find free resources as well as workshops and mentoring to help you find the time, create an exciting vision for your art, remove creative blocks and start moving you towards a fulfilling art practice and career.


I know... life's busy, right. We can get caught up in distraction, overwhelm, avoidance or feeling like it's just a bit too hard. There are answers. Let's get you connected, clear and inspired.


Even better than that, let's get your ART INTO ACTION!

Free introductory evening to get...


​Here's what we'll do in this

Free 2 hr live workshop

  • Create a crystal clear vision to help you achieve your creative goals sooner.

  • Uncover hidden challenges to remove the blocks that may be sabotaging your progress.

  • Learn a method to tap into your creativity and develop your skills to make your best work.

  • Grow your creative confidence to get re-energised and inspired to take your art to the next level.

about mijo

Pr: Mi-yo

Mijo has toured to the many corners of the globe with Gotye, Missy Higgins, Clare Bowditch and Tommy Emmanuel among others.

As a band member of Lamplight and as a solo artist, Mijo has released 2 EP's, 2 albums and is set to release his next album soon.

Mijo is a practising singer-songwriter from Melbourne.

He is the founder of Creativity Mindset Mastery, the live workshop and online training that helps artists of all stripes and experience levels to harness their full artistic potential so they can get to making their best work ever.

how to get anything you want as an artist

In this fantastic (and FREE) video training,

you'll learn three simple strategies that'll give you the

Time, Space & Confidence to create the art you love

and a creative life of fulfilment.



  • See the results of great artists in your own art practice by implementing their key habits.

  • Have more time and space to work on the creative projects you've been dreaming of.

  • Get moving, go from hobby-artist to enjoying a sustainable career. (Livin' the dream!)

  • Discover the 7 keys to an active, fulfilling, creative career as an artist of any kind.

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