I don't want to booooore you with my life story, but if you came to this page I guess you want to know a little more about who I am, what I've done and how I can help you. There's a lot of stuff here to give you the full picture. Read on if you are a glutton for punishment. There will be a quiz at the end.... not really.



Well firstly, I’m a practicing artist. I'm a singer, song-writer and composer living in sunny Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been in the ring for over two decades. I’ve faced all of the same negative, limiting beliefs about being an artist that you have. I’ve struggled in the past with applying myself with the discipline that is required to become a better artist. I’ve struggled to articulate to others why I’m an artist and I have been challenged by my role in the world as an artist. I have struggled in writing songs. I've struggled to practice consistently. I've struggled with my inner critic. I've struggled with confidence in live performance. I've struggled with putting my work into the world and wondering what people with think of me or how they might judge me.



I used to struggle. I don't anymore. These days my creative practice thrives and I'm more prolific and fulfilled in my art practice than ever before.



This is what I can help you with.


These are the external results I created in that time. Internally I created mountains of self-belief, I stripped away limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. I developed habits that made doing creative work inevitable and enjoyable. I cleared the channels for creativity to flow through me in a way that allows me to express myself fully to the world in the way that I want to.


This allowed me to create better work effortlessly and more work in a shorter time. I became far more prolific in my output whilst increasing the quality of my expression. 


So what have I learned and what can I teach you in this little workshop?

  • How to become far more productive towards your creative vision.

  • How to gain the tools to get unstuck when you hit the wall.

  • I’ll save you years of continuing a practice that is not at its peak.

  • I’ll save you years of making the mistakes I made to learn what I learned.

  • You will save two decades and get those teachings in one weekend.


If you want to see massive results in your creative life, this is the thing that will get you over the line.

I've since seen a huge impact from the change in the way I approach my art practice. It seems that if you take action, you'll get better and the results will start to show up.


Here's a list of cool things that showed up. I don't mention these things to impress you or brag in any way. It's just what happened when I learned to master my inner critic, overcome fear, got clear on what I wanted and learned to take action towards my creative vision. So, if you'll allow me...


  1. I've made a living from my art.

  2. I have toured Europe with Multi Grammy Award Winner GOTYE.

  3. Toured Germany with ARIA Award Winner CLARE BOWDITCH.

  4. Toured Europe with virtuoso guitar player TOMMY EMMANUEL.

  5. I have had the pleasure of MISSY HIGGINS as my support act.

  6. I’ve released albums and toured with my band around Australia and Europe.

  7. I’ve toured 13 countrys of Europe as a solo performer.

  8. I’ve written music for feature length films.

  9. had a blast the entire time.


I have done my homework with this stuff and I've done the hard yards to put it into practice. This is what happened next...


I created a six month creativity plan which helped me create:


- 30+ new songs

- 10 paintings

- a 20,000 word book of fiction

- 20 short stories

- over 200 illustrations

- a daily practice of writing, singing, reviewing music, drawing and reading.

- and soooo much more…

If you actually read this far, you deserve a gold medal or you really need to do this workshop soooo bad because you should have been making art the whole time in stead of reading about me talking about myself. But really, this is not about me, it's about you. Dude/Dudette, sign up for the course. You need serious help! ;)